Which Trucking Company Offers the Best Opportunities for New Drivers?

Starting out as a truck driver can be a daunting experience, but with the right mentor and ongoing training, you can find the perfect trucking company for you. Whether you have just received your commercial driver's license (CDL) or are still in the process of obtaining it, there are many trucking companies that offer great training programs and tuition reimbursement for new drivers. If you're looking for the best opportunities for new drivers, Swift Transportation is a great option. They provide education and training, as well as direct employment opportunities once you have completed your studies.

Their entry-level program is perfect for those who have just received their CDL and need more experience. Plus, they have a tuition program to help drivers obtain their Class A commercial driver's license. CRST is another excellent choice for new drivers. Their student training program lasts three to four weeks, followed by two days of onboarding.

They also have a tuition reimbursement program if you already have your CDL. They provide hands-on, computer-based and simulator-based training, and you will work with an instructor until you are ready to take the CDL exam. Once you pass and receive your commercial driver's license, you will drive with a coach for 30,000 miles. U. S.

Xpress is another great option for new drivers. They offer a tuition reimbursement program if you decide to work for them but don't yet have your CDL. Before going to orientation for their Prime Training Program, you'll need to get your Commercial Learning Permit (CLP) in your home state. In orientation, you will receive hands-on, computer-based and simulator-based training. Schneider is another great option for new drivers.

They offer two different programs: company-paid CDL apprentice training for on-the-job experience or company-sponsored CDL training program. If you don't already have your CDL, they will help you find a truck driving school in the area and provide paid accommodation if applicable. Recent graduates may also qualify for tuition reimbursement. When choosing the right trucking company for you, consider your current position, goals, needs and wants. Make sure the company offers a career path that will take you where you want to be in a year or two and that it supports you every step of the way.

Consider which company also aligns with your values and career path and provides the experience you need to achieve your goals.

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